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Terms and Conditions

Introduction and Purpose
This site is run by Strongbox Entertainment. Its purpose is to provide a public location for owners of the video game Booster Logic to upload, download, and make comments regarding custom map packs for the video game Booster Logic.

Map Packs and Comments
The map packs uploaded to this site are the property of the respective owners. Strongbox Entertainment is not responsible for their contents and will not be held responsible if any material attained through this website causes misfortune to the recipient. Also, any comments made by users of this website are not necessarily the opinions of Strongbox Entertainment.

Moderation and No Guarantee
Before any map is displayed on this site it is first checked electronically to make sure it is authentic, and then must be approved by an employee of Strongbox Entertainment before becoming visible. While we take steps to make sure offensive, dangerous, or otherwise unflattering material does not appear on this site we make no guarantee of such and Strongbox Entertainment cannot be held responsible if any material obtained through this website causes any misfortune to you. Comments receive no such treatment. Strongbox Entertainment may take measures to remove or change offensive comments, but will not be responsible for comments found offensive.

Termination of Accounts
If any user uploads offensive, dangerous, or otherwise unflattering material to this site, including comments, this will result in the removal of said material and may also result in the temporary or permanent termination of their account. We also hold the right to terminate access at our discretion.
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